In MISSLCOM64, you control the missile defence system for a small town that's under attack. Move the cursor with the arrows and send bullets up to destroy the missiles with Z.

Link to cart on Lexaloffle BBS:

Made in 2-3 hours for LOWREZJAM. Hinged on the realisation late the night before submission that I could hack my own sprite function to make PICO-8 effectively 64x64 (by stretching EVERY sprite*2). Unfortunately this meant to stay within the 64x64 grid, I had to do a lot of manual drawing of text and write a custom function to draw numbers based on sprites too. Still, I think it came out pretty well. If I'd come up with a way to do text without drawing it in the spritesheet, I would have had an easier time I think. (And given how quickly I did the numbers rendering function, it would have been well worth the time invested.) But it would've meant either custom sprite sizes for text, or having a lot less text onscreen. So whatever. I'm pretty sure it conforms to the 64x64 grid at all times, since I don't do any drawing without the SPR64 function below, and that function should snap to the grid.

For those interested, the function to 'convert' PICO-8 to 64x64 is this:


If you replace all your SPR() calls with that, and keep your coordinates inside (64, 64), it should 'just work'.

EDIT: You can also just do POKE(0x5F2C,3) to achieve the same effect without all the messing about. >.< Oh well. It was a fun hack.

Anyway, enjoy!

Install instructions

PICO-8 game in PNG form. Requires PICO-8 to play if downloading the PNG. Otherwise, playable in-browser.


mslcom64.p8.png 6 kB

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